Relationship Problems

For many years I have worked with people at a time of crisis in their lives. It has occurred to me often that the root of many of the significant issues that bring us to counselling revolve around our relationships with other people.

Many of us have experienced the breakdown of relationships, be it in childhood with the loss of one or both parents or divorce and issues relating to access to mother or father, or our own adult relationships with colleagues, friends or lovers. Often the beliefs we take away from these broken attachments affect the way in which we create new relationships. For example, we may feel unworthy or that future employment or friendships or loves are doomed because something about us makes it impossible for them to endure.

I have a particular interest in this area of therapy and have worked with many people for whom this has become an issue preventing them from moving forward with their lives in a positive way. If you feel that the person I describe may be like you, I would be pleased to hear from you. I think I may be able to help.

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